The Legend cigarette

Legend cigarette defines the greatest and brightest thought that any human creature stores in his mind. Mind refers filter point of cigarette. Here you have to understand man represents cigarette.

I found suddenly that cigarettes are the basis of every action for the outcomes they want. If we don’t create the legend cigarette in own-self we don’t also create the legend victory. Every cigarette since his childhood is inhaling the smoke of hate, love, jealousy, regret, success, achievements, failures, knowledge and many more smoke bubbles that makes some of them looks like intelligent cigarettes. But their filters (mind) have filtered that. So, as the time rises physically cigarette size have increased, physical structure have changed but their filter are unable to gets matured in some way just like their physical appearance have changed.

One who is curious for becoming the legend cigarette then they have to live just like every puff matters. One bitter truth Is that every cigarette are talented, curious and have ability to rise and grind but they fail and afraid to light up the fire that makes them burn. For finding the light in own-self most of them follow simple step called copy cat. The biggest problem of cigarettes nowadays they afraid of problems that kick them daily in life. But they fail to recognizes those kicks are preparing them for future.

In warp up, the legend cigarette is one who have its own tobacco ingredients, who make own-self conceive and belief that he/she can do anything. Just like cigarette becomes dust at the end and no one saw its existence but exception to the fact some cigarettes like Einstein, Shakespare and Devkota are still burning in this planet. Have you asked with own-self anyday what is the core reason they are still burning? Most cigarettes answered they are talented, naturally gift blah blah………… From this moment every cigarette must have to ask with own-self for what am I born in this planet or nation or……….. places? So, every cigarette must filter their filter and reprogram their filter for becoming the champion that have never ever burn in history of time. I know you can, you will and you must. Live like every puff matters.

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