Spa and It's beauty in Nepal

Spa is an actual location for the people who are in need of medicinal bath by experts is with mineral rich spring water and seawater. Mostly spa offers with various health treatments which are also known as balneotherapy. It is also believe of curative powers of mineral water which goes back to prehistoric times. These practices is popular all around the world. Day spa are also popular which offers various personal care treatment. As per the history of spa, therapies have existed through the classical times since taking bath with water was consider as  popular means to treat illness through the hot or cold springs in faiths of causing a therapy of some ailment dates back to prehistoric times. Most of the people around the world supposed bathing in a particular spring, well, or river resulted in physical and spiritual purification. Spa was founded in 1998 by Bruce Schoenberg. He spend 20 years in the event marketing and tradeshow industry.

Bhavi Sharma from Baglung, Nepal took up the profession of running Spa for trekkers. The enthusiastic entrepreneur started the business professionally after opening Real Therapy and Beauty Point at tourist sector Thamel 14 years ago for the first time in Nepal. Allan Share president of the Spa Industry Association. In the present context, the top five spa of Nepal are Kathmandu Spa, Tranquility Spa, Himalaya body care, Mandala Studio Yoga and Spa Nepal and Nepalaya Spa.

Nepalaya Spa has become the leader in spa and wellness industry with numerous outlets in different cities and luxury hotels in Nepal and abroad. Prem Moktan and Nabin Shrestha is the founder of Nepalaya Spa with twelve year of experience on the same field. This spa are well equipped with state-of-art technology and provide a peaceful environment to soothe away your stress, pain, anxiety and Rejuvenate Mind, Body & Spirit. Services of Nepalaya Spa are centrally located and a perfect place for you to beautify yourself with our beauty treatments. Throughout the negative perspective of the Spa in the country like Nepal Nepalaya spa is top spa which will be suggested by every people. Nepalaya Spa has become one of the assets of Nepal.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to visit Nepalaya spa and academy, and know better for the world-class service and possible training and employment to both Nepalese and foreign nationals.

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