Man Crushed by Lust: Love or Lust

Man and women are two differentiated - opposite sex- organism. In a deep sense, man is a donor while women are acceptor. This acceptance results in an offspring, and that's completely natural act. But, there is less lust and much love involved. There are lots of theories regarding the difference between Lust and love. So, this article is about sex, that is not common and completely overlaps the man mental state. 

Why and how Lust destroys Social Ethos?

Rape, generally defined as forceful sex is one of the concerning topics around the world. Undoubtedly, man is the one who is spreading such dust around the world. Why? What makes them do so? Obviously, it's lust. 

It's the psychological desire that forces a man to do so. But this desire is making this world much more filthy. Lust is totally natural, but there is a way to control a lust. If your lust level is excessive than a prostitute or a masturbating might be a good alternative. There are many proofs that, even the married man are accused of rape in high proportion. Then, surely, lust not simply a sexual desire. I believe, lust requires change, and sex requires love. 

Maybe, multiple relationships at a time are legal in western countries. Even though lust is different and dominates the human head. At the same time, in Asian countries, multiple relationships at a time is a lust. Because of the fact that, we have a society of high moral values. Exposing sexuality is illicit in our society and rape are the result of such exposure. 

As a paradigm, a married man got lusted and raped a young let's say 15 or s16 year. The girl who is just stepping the mature stage got raped by a mature married man. There are many live examples to support this statement. 

What happens after? The man gets arrested and takes more than 100 lives along with him. One the girl, her family, and relatives. Also, his family and relatives. Finally, he takes the lives of hundreds of people living in society. Because, now, the society will be known as the society of rapist. Hence, the ethos or morality of the society is devastated. Meanwhile, the man crushes himself just because of his ephemeral lust.

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Gehendra Dhakal
May 24, 2019
A genuine message for all. Thanks the writer.