Is discussing Sex a Taboo?

Growing up in a Nepalese society, being told to not talk about sex without anyone. Constantly getting belittled for cracking a bit of an adult jokes and condoms getting tagged as a disgusting product rather than a savior of various STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is something everyone is used to.

Maybe because that we live in a conservative society where sex-before marriage is a sin? Or people still think sex as making children by a “married” couple? Sex is just an act of love/pleasure/adventure and talking about it is just fine if you know how to talk about it. Digest that sex is normal and is not a discreet.

Then, when you talk to someone, your thoughts will be shown in your words and then, talking about sex will be as normal as talking about walking. A group of guys talking about “safe sex” is tagged as Boka (pervert). If a guy visits a pharmacy for condoms, he’s given a dead-stare before the pharmacist handovers the condoms. Think about what will happen if a girl asks for one? Celebrating Condom Day every year isn’t enough.

People still have shame supporting the cause and the most of the same people present in the rally or program have the same old mentality about sex. From childhood to marriage, we are constantly brainstormed by everyone about how sex is shameless but they don’t think about how they were able to see this world. Because of Sex of course. It has been a debatable topic since years to understand why sex before marriage is still regarded as a taboo.

Even nowadays, sex education at school is considered as an antipathetic conversation. Some teachers are giving the sex education message through horror stories and some teachers tend to move fast during the subject matter. Students are still being educated to learn that sex before marriage is dirty and immoral and that abstinence is the only possible way.

But will these future students, say in ten years still remember this class message? Most of them will definitely be prone to pre-marital sex. It’s not something to hide, the pre-marital sex do exist, in every society, in every culture or beliefs, but why is it still a taboo? Why are people still uncomfortable about it? Is it because the fear of being judged by the society or we because we want to preserve a good image? The future a holds better things regarding the topic as many teens/kids/adults have learnt about sex and have learned to deal with the topic when it is placed in front of them.

Parents have started talking with their kids about sex and the safety measures. Studies have found that less-informed teens are more engaged in unsafe sex rather than the teens who have been taught about the matter and measures. It’s our responsibility to break the existing stereotyped society.

We cannot change everyone’s mind-set, but we can surely start it. Change should start at home, talk with your family, it’s a very awkward topic, but if you want a free Nepal, free mind-set and the non-judgmental state of mind starts at home. To create a modern and free society changes should start now. Sex education should not teach children that pre-marital sex is an offence. Most important is teach them to respect others. Future should become a land of respect and freedom and we should all be able to talk about sex everywhere in the world freely!

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Gehendra Dhakal
May 24, 2019
No. it's not