Has it ever happened to you? Being unable to differentiate whether something really happened or was it just an imagination, a dream. Something like that has happened to me and my sister.
Me and my sister had plans to watch a horror movie , ‘The Conjuring 2’. To spice it up we had planned to watch it during the night. We have quiet a strict family and they want us to be asleep by 10. So we waited until our parents went to bed. At 11 we noticed that they were well asleep so we started watching the movie with the earphones plugged in. My sister was wearing one side of the earphones and the other one plugged into my ears. We did that so as to not let the loud sounds and screams wake up our unaware parents.

It was at that point where the Valac runs into the actress who is holding a painting in her hands, both of us were scared to death. Suddenly, we heard the sounds of our parents running on the staircase and headed straight towards our room. Hurriedly, we closed the laptop’s lid and pretended to be asleep. 

They tried to wake us up but we pretended as if we were just waking up from their disturbance. They were so worried and asked us if we were shouting and crying because they had heard such scary sounds from our room but the fact is, we were not shouting nor crying and we had our earphones on all the time. They told us to sleep and themselves went down to sleep. We got so scared by that, we didn’t have enough courage to continue the movie so we slept that night.

Next day, we asked our parents if they had really heard such scary sounds. To our surprise, they had no idea what we were talking about! They said they hadn’t come up yesterday nor did they hear any such sounds. It felt like a scary dream, goose bumps and tingling all over my body and my sister looked scared too. I still wonder if it really happened to us or maybe it was our parents were pranking us, but they are not the type. The strange event on that day still remain a mystery to us.

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