The Unread Shadow

The dark image where my mind questions the truth of life??

The dark image where my soul  enlights the chaos

Sorry you're all alone with own self when you can't find

  help in times of  helpless

when you can't find the path in times of toughness

when you can't find love and hope  in a time of pain &  Sorrows

Wait for  a second  while walking  inside the tunnel of life

you  can see  mud smelling like a failure

you can see stones  sounding like a dream of struggle

you can  see  roots of branches like holding for storms to passes

So, seek the acknowledgment of ownself  when life gets tough and messy

So, seek the  light in ownself  when life becomes the only option to live

So, seek the treasure in ownself when everything around you just keeps falling

Now, I can see  my shadow   also believing me

Although you question my  abilities

Although you  laugh at my disabilities

Although  you  denied  my  capabilities

That’s why   I  became an unread shadow

& the only fellow that  Universe can't swallow!!!!

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