Love is........

He promised every single thing for her,
Loving her every day in different ways,
Kissing her cheeks whenever her tear falls,
Holding her hand whenever she feels alone,
Standing in front of her when the world was against her,
Giving her a  tight hug when she feels cold.

But those promises, he made was a sauce without any tomatoes,
She was left alone like a single rock on the desert,
Cried like a Niagara Falls,
And felt hopeless like a cancer patient.

Oh, God!! What is happening to lovers?
Their feelings are like the rotation of the earth,
Which are changing minutes to minutes,
Making the trust route,
In different directions.

Stop this, Oh Lord!!
Happy people are changing their feelings,
Broken people are  committing suicide,
And you are watching them like a scene of a movie.

The world is a beautiful place with its beautiful creation of nature,
The only bad creation of nature is the heart of bad people,
But life goes on as waterfalls,
Falling from the top and landing at the bottom.

But for those who betray in love,
Can be forgiven but cannot be forgotten,
For they broke the trust and promises,
For they broke the trust and promises.

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