Life Of Dream

Life isn’t easy when you don’t have a reason to live it. A person without a purpose in life is like a bird without wings. If you want to fly, you should know where you want to reach. Dreams and goals sparkle our life…..they are our hope!! I remember telling my parents that I want to be a doctor when I grow up . Majority of you must have answered the same when your parents asked you, “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” when you are immature, life feels a lot easier. You don’t have to do so much…..just study, play, eat and enjoy. You have an urge to grow up and get a good job and earn a lot of money then live a happy life…..just like fairy tale!! You may be sad to hear this but life isn’t easy. Surviving an easier option compared to living life. Anyone can survive but only the people who have dreams can live life.

When I was young, I used to picture myself in the future living a perfect life (living my dream)  but now that I know the hurdles pictures of perfect of life and that I used to imagine is slowly fading. Though life has it’s ups and downs the pain and burden that you endure will help you grow. It will make you the person you want to be. I might sound like an advisor giving advice about life and goal but that is exactly what I’m trying to do. Let’s change the topic and talk about dreams. I know every one of you go to bed at night……get cozy inside your blanket and then sleep and wake up in the morning with the flashback of your dreams. Dreaming when you are asleep in natural but do you DARE TO DREAM when you are awake?

Even when I’m wide awake, I dream…….I picture myself living my dream in the future and work hard for it today, you never know……you want!!! Work your heart out because hard work always pay’s off.  When you are rewarded for your hard work, you will find your loved ones, friends, families cheering for you…..encouraging you to reach even future. I believed that when you reach your goal… will think to yourself ‘oh!! It must be a dream…..this can’t be real’. And then when you realized it is real, you will hear your heartbeat as loud as a drum inside your ears…..your eyes are filled with tears and the level of happiness that you feel is beyond this universe. You are desperate to share your good news and every time you look in mirror……you are proud of yourself. Maybe each one of you will picture this moment differently but wouldn’t you trade anything to experience this moment? I know that I would.

Your dream doesn’t need to be like everyone else’s…… can be different but it has to be yours. You dare to dream because the people who dare only know how to live their dream.

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Aayush Pandey
Jul 19, 2018