Let's Talk About Woman Empowerment

Women are considered as a most powerful beings in nature. According to different religion they have given different description about women. Women were valued  most for their roles as wives and most of all mothers, as a bearers  and rearers of children. In past, they were slightly limited only upto daily household works but between 21st century  women had been most challenging and successful topic in every field. From then and now we can see the active participation in each and every field  by the women. Climbing upto the Mount Everest the peak of world upto the space, women has shown active participation. They have proved themselves they not only can prepare a meal for their family in the kitchen but also they can conquer a nation as a leader of a country. Everyone should ever underestimate the power of women when they start caring and loving they will be incarnation of Mother Teresa. And when they come to destroy of defeat they can be Hatsnepsut (Queen Of Egypt) 15th century, Margaret Thatcher (PM Of England 1952), having no mercy to anyone who is a subject of bad deed.

 Women empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics. Entire nations  business ,communities and group can be benefited from the implementation program and  policies that adopt the nation of Women Empowerment. The women development and participation capabilities approach the millennium Development goals, by the women empowerment.

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