Let me tell you!!

let me tell u here in this void of neon lights,

what i have lost and what i have gained!

let me tell you what i have gained,and those i lost.

 i gained all the precious memories that was never mine,

all the dances i missed and i will miss knowing i was not yours,

 i gained the joy of a simple smile when i used to see u in a particular place,

instead lost the laugh of eternity.

I carry this part of you within me that produces endless warmth but leaves me with 

a cold trail of sadness, bruises and vanity.

Every night i choose my poison to kill my thoughts,

every glass ,every bottle and every smoke.

soberness has become a disease , 

an affliction that eats away my sight.

change surrounds everything but me,

for  every second is a damnation and a  hour is a damnation.

but let me tell iwish to live in this wall s of memorey we created ,

walls of laughter ,windows of cries ,

tears of blanket and knive seathed of blood.

I gained what you once loved,

but lost what i never loved!!




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