Today, let me apologise and say, Human has made up off this world full of Beast and rapist, Every second's innocent girls are been sexually violent and harass.

Before I share something, I would like to share the painful story from Kanchanpur, Nepal.

My country Go by the  Name of Nepal it is a beautiful place to be with, the mammoth mountain is like our mind which reflects coolness , temple is symbolic as peace , Forest is our fantasy where heaven lies , custom and culture is our connecting weapon  for people's nevertheless, unfortunately, we fail to cultivate good civilization . A 13-year young girl Nirmala pant is an innocent and she will be, No politics, No police administration, No bullet can play with her justices. I AM SORRY I AM NOT A STORYTELLER I AM SORRY I do not rejoice to tell this kind of inhuman story despite I feel its a duty of each an individual to raise a voice. The girl who is been raped 60 days ago still claiming for justice and how many days we will have to wait for the real justice, its a really bad message to everyone. 

How much inhuman treatment is going on, they want to live with all freedom and happiness.

How much power drill is going on to dig a hole inside of those innocent girls, they want to live with all their ambition and dream.

Please, Answer this questions?

1. How it is possible that one can be the criminal out of Law and jail isn't it devastating to destroyed, justice? 

2. How it is possible that one can support, rapist for his crime? 

3. How it is possible that one can be a poor should penalize as pathetic? 

4. How it is possible that one can be honest and raising a voice for justice should face a bullet? 

5. How it is possible that one can be a parent should tears down for justice? 

6. How it is possible that one can not be criminal should treat as murderer ?...

7. How it is possible that one can play with her feeling? 

8. How it is possible that one can be a victim, deserted into newspaper headlines only? 

9. How it is possible that one can sleep as death soul ???

10. How much pain and politics is going on, we want justice???????????? 

Make sure that we all need to support each other if we miss to get justice this time, don't ask for justice when the same incident will happen someday with your family member, another day you will realize the pain inside the family who is facing pain for justice.

I don't know why people are such cruel, with civilization and humanity. I have no words and I request you please, let everybody feels free to live, let them understand this world, let have responsibility and respect. {RAYAN}


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