Friend And Friendship

              Who is friend? What is friendship? Before knowing about the friend n friendship we have to assure about the importance of friend and friendship  how we make friend what does a friend stand for. As from the early childhood we have someone with us except our parents and the bond built beyond the relation of blood but more deeper then bloody one that’s what we call friend and we say that relation is friendship. From  small things to the most secret one, we share with our friends .We don’t feel shy saying anything to share with our friends we say whatever we want to, from a joyful situation to the most sorrow time we share with our friends. Friends are guts to do something new challenging, adventurous.

 We have friends with us from a crime life to clean from a love life to death we need a friend “friends in need is friends in deed”, friendship is the mutual affection in every step of life we have a friend that is our strength of the bond if the bond is to strong then we call that strength as a best friend. This is the  casual n usually  achieved by possessing the element of friendship by being kind ,generous ,humble, loyal ,honest and all the qualities. A true friend doesn’t  need any introduction any cast any status who we r what we are that is fine from a poor to rich from top to bottom all of them have their friend. Its only one relation which we can select from our heart and no one is going to ask us why him/her all coz friends are those who are for you not for our family and relatives.    

                                                                “Whoever it is we are ok with a friend n friendship

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