According to Earth policy institute from UN food and agriculture organization, forest covers approximately one-third of the total land surface, just over 4 billion hectares, simultaneously entire forest area of Nepal is about 43 thousand square km and it covers 29% of total area of the country.

Nepal is land~locked, mountainous country and we are privileged with different assets like- marble, fossils and limestone among them forest is extraordinary and extravagant gorgeous greenery things, they are life to everyone because we breath pure air from them, they are just providing us fresh air without any cost but this generation has a different meaning for forest .

"हरियो वन नेपालको धन" (Green woodlands are Nepal's riches ´) Now, the circumstances are like this:- ("नरह्यो वन, नरह्यो धन ") is an utter proverb in Nepal.

Every individual is having a culture to cut down the jungles for a different purpose, here we are and failed to realize the bad impact that deforestation brings. Day by day the technology is rapidly progressing but in the name of technology, we are dead inside. •

These examples will hit the reality:-

1. India Declare Innings After Mask-Wearing Sri Lankan Players Complain Of Breathlessness. (Test Match india vs srilanka ) It was an incident happened on Dec 3, 2017, In the long and rare history of cricket game was delayed due to the poor quality of air .


2. Recently, Beijing the Capital city of China was forced to use a mask for the children to go to school.

3. Nepal’s "Kathmandu" the capital city ranks 5th in Pollution Index 2017 Published: July 5, 2017

Source:- The Himalayan Times

These above examples make you understand where we stand and what we had delivered till date. Trees are not trees they are our friends who literally take care of us with no return. Medicine, timber, rubber, paper many other things they are the form of forest. it is not about Global warming, ozone layer depletion, ultraviolet rays that the environment is polluted, the main reason is we Human being.

"Forest Love "

When it rain bird sings with melody

When it is ruined by fire, bird whisper with kooky.

In the morning forest play with dew when it hit the Leafs of tress .

In the evening forest sleep with dusk when the sun is about down  (Rayan)

Forest forest everywhere but not a single tree is under the plantation, it is devastating day by day with human urbanization. It is not the government, organization, club that will always suggest you to conserve the forest. Thus, Every individual has an equal responsibility to care of the forest. For the upcoming generation, we all have a huge responsibility to conserve the forest. Yeah, it makes a different sense but in days to come, this will definitely have a positive impact upon our environment. This planet is our home and trees are the pillars of our houses, we are part of nature, we need to take care the best of it.

Forest is not a forest , it is a First love as a Nature " Rayan "


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