Fear of Corona

All the crowded streets have lost the crowds
It lost its charm and is lonely without any doubt
When will it regain its glory, not sure?
Testing the courage of people, how long can they endure?

Humans locked inside like animals in their own cage
How much life is left to turn their lone page?
Earth is becoming lighter as there are many leaving in number
The dark clouds still remain with a striking thunder

People scared of people covering themselves in a veil
Maintaining social distance sustaining in their own jail
The gutsy roads now look like a never-ending desert
How long can it contaminate, someday it will divert

The fear has rooted in everyone’s mind
It doesn’t discriminate rich or poor neither it is kind
It expands like a smouldering fire without letting you know
And your consciousness is the only power to stop it to grow

Abandon everything and isolate yourself for sometime
Stay with little ones and sing some forgotten rhyme
The clouds of despair will soon vanish
Sky will soon be clear and there will be more to embellish

The empty boulevards will regain its fame
There will be many to chant their loved one’s name
Clutch yourself for some time with patience and poise
Days will be brighter and soon all will immensely rejoice.

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