Those were the days,

I used to catch your forefinger

And move from

Banjokhet to Bhanu Memorial,

But now,

I am teaching Fleming’s Right-Hand rule,

to my entire students.


Thee were, is and will be my teacher

Till the last breathe of my lungs,

copying and following the same,

norms, values, and process,

and also the same mechanism.


You are my idol and,

I will try the same nearby,

Let me flow your,

Blessings and instructions,

Over my unconscious mind,

Ever and forever.


Right now I am here at Kathmandu

And you are there at Morang,

Indeed …

Love is imperishable and immortal,

You are in my eyes,

Love you, dad,


(the author is a secondary level science teacher at The Chandbagh School, CG Education)

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