This poem is about a boy who is close to his mother. He expresses his love for her through this poem. He reads this poem in front of his whole family members on the "Mother's Day" at the age of 10.


O Mother, Mother, Shall thee be with me always?

And even when in thine eyes, cruelty rises on me,

Punish me, scold me, beat me but still guide me through a good way,

And on my birthday, present me ghee.


Ye love cannot be compared with anyone,

And so as Ye eyes do tell the truth,

That they love does bring us together as one,

But when in agony, thou do come art in ruth.


A true protector do hast the thickest shield,

And Ye happiness do make me smile,

Even in the days when my mind reeled,

I do, I do, myself bile.


I do believe her sickness not increase,

And then I cried and cried mom, Rest In Peace. 

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