.प्रिय सहनशिला

Category Type: Diary, love,   Sep 13, 2018   Gopal khadka

प्रिय सहनशिला, कसरी सम्बोधन गरौ? तिम्रो प्रेम अनि त्याग लाई, परदेशको कुनाबाट अनि तिम्रो जिज्ञासा र प्रश्नको उत्तर? तैपनि साहस जगाउदै छु . यो पत्र किन भि

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Category Type: Diary, Gajal, Relationship, love,   Aug 29, 2018   Ganesh Ghatal

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A Sweet Misunderstanding

Category Type: Relationship, love, Diary,   Aug 26, 2018   Alien (एलियन)

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कोपिला फूल महिला र रासलीला

Category Type: love, Relationship, Diary, , Sex,   May 14, 2018   Gopal khadka

लौ फेरि फूलबारीमा कोपिला देखियो। फूल फुल्ने आशमा भमराहरु जुरुक्क बिउंझेका छन् । मौसम अनुकूल छ । मनसुन पर्खी रहेका छन् । माली मलजलमा व्यस्त छन् ।

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Let's Talk About Woman Empowerment

Category Type: Education, , Diary, Empowerment, Article,   May 02, 2018   arun khatri

Women are considered as a most powerful beings in nature. According to different religion they have given different description about women. Women were valued  most for their roles as wives and most of all mothers, as a bearers  and rearers of children. In past, they were slightly limited only upto daily household works but between 21st century  women had been most challenging and s

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Thought of Mine

Category Type: Motivation, Diary, Dream, ,   Apr 10, 2018   Bhawishya thapa

               “What every man’s intelligence can create that nature have also not created”  My classroom is totally empty it has no four walls, tip-toped benches and desk not even an information board to write any information. My classroom is the open space of the world whereas my students are humans. I detect my student’s

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मेरो लास देखेर

Category Type: Diary, Poem,   Mar 09, 2018   Anoj Kadariya

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The Legend cigarette

Category Type: Diary, Dream, Health,   Feb 28, 2018   Bhawishya thapa

Legend cigarette defines the greatest and brightest thought that any human creature stores in his mind. Mind refers filter point of cigarette. Here you have to understand man represents cigarette. I found suddenly that cigarettes are the basis of every action for the outcomes they want. If we don’t create the legend cigarette in own-self we don’t also create the legend victory.

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Love Covers All in Nepal

Category Type: Diary,   Feb 21, 2018   Kaushal Singh

As I was washing my hands and feet in one of the community taps of the Dahakhani village, I saw a 4-year-old girl walking with a Jerry can and a rice pot in her hand. When she got near me, I tried to ask her name, but before I could say something, she got so frightened that she ran to hide herself behind the tap stand. I tried to call her few times but she was not willing to show herself. Her f

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Money and Happiness

Category Type: Diary,   Feb 09, 2018   Astha Chudal

The world has came to a phase where everyone is running after money which is considered the source of happiness. But what is the true meaning of happiness and what we want in our life? There are many people who are successful in terms of money but later found themselves lonely and realize running after money they forget to live their life.  The true happiness comes from the things we love.

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Category Type: Diary,   Feb 08, 2018   Sambhu Neupane

I joined the Army in High School when I was 18 years old. But before that I got accepted to the college of my choice and even did the open house but then... I started to get scared. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grow up. I didn't want to take student loans out and I didn't want to be paying for school when I didn't have focus and passion for it at the time. I'm glad

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