Beauty of nature

Category Type: Poem,   Apr 07, 2019   Avlok Shakya

The sun rises up in  another half world, Above the hills, oceans and mountains, Aiming its rays to the sunflowers; opening its bud And greeting Good Morning to the half world. The sky, The sun, The cloud, and  the rain acts as an  ingredients to create a rainbow, The sky when covered with the clouds; kicks the drops of water on us and rains, The Sun then challeges the clouds...

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Feelings Of Poor Man

Category Type: Poem,   Apr 05, 2019   Avlok Shakya

Days goes by, There are  no ones  to say hi, Nor to see me eye to eye, My life is a lie. All i want is money, but it"s so funny, like a bunny, Eating a honey. Some are glad, People like me are sad, Sometimes mad, This world makes us feel  bad. Show me the love, Like a dove, Flying high above, Like the feelings of a poor person.  ...

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Avlok's thoughts

Category Type: Poem,   Mar 23, 2019   Avlok Shakya

His thoughts are deep like the universe, Where overthinking looks like a blackhole, And anxiet looks like meteorites falling from the sky   His thoughts are deep like an universe, Where imagination takes hin to another dimension, And his fantasy takes him to another end of the universe.   His thoughts are deep like an uinverse, Where mixing overthinking, anxiet...

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Category Type: Article,   Mar 20, 2019   Avlok Shakya

First of all, we are all human beings. Your religions, caste, sex, the country you are born, etc are just a formality. The main point here is we are all families. Peace comes from human beings which means we are all families. We must realize that peace can only come from human beings not animals. If human beings are not in a favor of peace then don't expect that you will be save on roads or wh...

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होली : रंग

Category Type: holi,   Mar 20, 2019   Cmran Ledgis

Holi - "Medley Of Colours". होली , प्रेम अनि नयाँपन सहित लगाइने रंगको उत्सव । विशेष नेपालीहरुमा न्यानो आदर्श , हर्ष, आफ्मोपनको जगेर्ना गर्ने चाड ,हरेक चैत्रको पुर्ण...

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Category Type: holi, culture,   Mar 19, 2019   Ganesh Ghatal

रंगै रंगको, लोला रँगोली गरौ रमाइलो, के हुन्छ भोली जाउ अली नजिक, सुटुक्कै भन निथ्रुक्कै भा छ, तिम्रो त्यो चोली खुशीको रंङ, रंगी बिरंगी रमाइलो गरौ, आउ साथ...

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तिम्रो त्यो प्रस्तावले

Category Type: Gajal,   Mar 17, 2019   Ganga Sagar Pant

रोमान्चक बिचारले पो, 'घर' गर्न थाल्यो ।  तिम्रो त्यो प्रस्तावले, 'असर' गर्न थाल्यो ।। के भनेर तिमीले, कहिले उक्सायौ कुन्नी ?  जवानीले बेलैमा पो, '...

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खबरदारी गरौँ, आधा अपराधी नबनौँ ।

Category Type: Article,   Mar 17, 2019   Nirjal Dawadi

मधेसको एउटा गाउँमा छोरी जन्मेको भन्दै अबोध बालिकाको हत्या अनि छोरी जन्माउने आमालाई यातना। बोक्सीको आरोपमा एक वृद्धालाई गु खुवाइयो। दाइजो नल्याएको नि...

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I Speak With My Dead Girlfriend Everyday

Category Type: love,   Mar 13, 2019   kristina Rijal

I speak with my dead girlfriend everyday. She committed suicide in 2013 . 3 months after her death, she messaged me on fb. Initially, I was very . scared and even thought that this was some of . her friends who was accessing her profile and fucking with me, So i changed the password numerous times but everytime the msg would come as usual. She would say that she is watching me and tell me the e...

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