Category Type: Poem,   Nov 24, 2018   Nathan Rayan

साम -- सामका मतलब जान्ते हो ? एक उमीद जहाँ आँप जीना चाहाते , कुच कर्ना चाहाते । [जब सुरज ढल्नेकी कगारपे होता हेना तब चीडीया एक लम्बा ~फासला पूरा कर्लेती हे] &...

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True Love

Category Type: love,   Oct 31, 2018   Suyog Devkota

It Was August And I Was Feeling Hot And I Thought Of Eating Something Cool And Refreshing. I Went To A Bakery Café Near My House And Ordered A Chilled Oreo Milkshake I Had It. When I Was About To Leave The Bakery. I Remembered That My Friends Are Coming Over Tonight At My Home. So I Thought Of Buying Dark Forest Pastry. I Asked The Sister Of The Bakery How Many Pieces Were Left And She Said...

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My Classroom and Intelligence

Category Type: Dream, Article,   Oct 26, 2018   kristina Rijal

“What every man’s intelligence can create that nature have also not created”  My classroom is totally empty it has no four walls, tip-toped benches and desk not even an information board to write any information. My classroom is the open space of the world whereas my students are humans. I detect my student’s every day and then I feel my some students are searchi...

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Category Type: Poem,   Oct 23, 2018   Unique B

अनायासै बर्शने बादल हरु लाइ देख्दा लाग्छ आशाहरु पनि त्यसरी नै  एकदिन पुरा हुनेछन उराठ अनि पट्ट्यार लाग्दो शिशिर झैँ दिन हरु पनि कुनै दिन अपत्यार...

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Category Type: Poem,   Oct 23, 2018   Suyog Devkota

They Are Fluffy ,Sweet And Soft They Are Bold And Tough They Come To Walk With Us Morning  Or Night If Better If U Don’t Take With Them A Fight                                        ...

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अब्यक्त प्रेम

Category Type: Poem,   Oct 13, 2018   Unique B

झ्याल बाट हेरी रहेकीहुन्थी म गल्लीमा हिडिरहेको हुन्थे लाग्थ्यो मलाई नै हेरिरहेकी छे ती ठुला अनि नशालु आँखाले मै संग कुरा गरिरहेकी छे लाग्थ्यो त्...

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Category Type: Poem, Uncategorized,   Oct 11, 2018   Suyog Devkota

Chocolate Black ,Brown ,Sweet And Smooth I Have It While Sleeping Or In My Terrace Roof It's Tangy It Makes My Tongue Buds Puff I Like It Both Solid Or Soft   There Are Two Chocolate Dark And Milk But My Favorite Is Dairy Milk Silk In My Childhood For Chocolate Hundred Time I Had Fought I Like Chocolate In Caramel, Oreo And Fruit And Nut   It Has Smooth,...

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म कसरि अझै तिम्रै बनु

Category Type: Gajal,   Oct 08, 2018   Unique B

म कसरि अझै तिम्रै बनु  जब मलाई मेरो सिउदो को सिन्दुर मा  अवैध सम्बन्धको बास आउछ मन बेस्सरी दुख्छ पिडा हुन थाल्छ तन लाइ  छुने ति आफ्नै लाग्ने ...

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ऊ फूल हो एकदिन झरेर जान्छ

Category Type: Poem,   Oct 07, 2018   Aasutosh Bhardwaj

ऊ  फूल  हो एकदिन  झरेर जान्छ झर्नु  अगाडी  सुवास  छरेर जान्छ   निचोरेर     उमंग     बहार   पोखेर धराको  पर्दामा  रंग  हजार ...

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