Escaping Darkest Days

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 18, 2018   Ashok Maharjan

I saw tears of blood flooding from her face I saw sorrow of despair when old man gaze I witnessed all these things in desperation In deep pain and agony with minimal aspiration.   Take my soul but I can’t let you take her What crime she commit, why is she accused for? Watching her suffocation, I died with my every heart beat She is frozen now, God please give her...

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Category Type: Gajal,   Aug 15, 2018   Ganesh Ghatal

सोच्दासोच्दै लाग्छ कैले झुर छ जीवन  सोच्दैन खोइ मेरो बारे क्रुर छ जीवन घुमाइराछ सधैं कैले यता कैले उता  घुमिराख्ने बेअर्थको टुर छ जीवन  जे पनि गर...

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Bio-Degradable Cigarette: Helping Nature in Two Ways.

Category Type: Thought,   Aug 04, 2018   Deepak Rawal

Obviously,  smoking cigarette is injurious to health. It affects our respiratory, circulatory and cardiovascular system. Well, it is not only injurious to health but also to the environment. That's fine because it is a matter of concern for everybody and many NGO and INGO's are working on such issues. But what about the cigarette Butt or filter. A smoker smokes and throws the butt ...

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"मलाई पोल्छ"

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 04, 2018   Manda Paudel

आगो लाग्दा यो देशमा देशलाई होइन मलाई पोल्छ, मेरा प्रत्येक धड्कन भरि हरपल,हरदम नेपाल बोल्छ। छातीभरी मात्तृत्व छ तनैभरि नेपालीपन, झूकाउनु छैन कहिल्...

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Sex with Virgin and Pleasure

Category Type: Relationship, Sex,   Aug 03, 2018   Deepak Rawal

Sex is the composition of there magical alphabet, that not only sounds amusing but also coying, sometimes. It is a delicate matter and is not open for the country like Nepal. Exposing sexuality is unorthodox and may be the cause of shame often. In our society, male are dominant creature while female being recessive. Why not it's trend in most part of the world. So, why shouldn't men be dom...

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What is Internet Censorship? Explained.

Category Type: Article, Internet,   Aug 02, 2018   Deepak Rawal

Obviously, the evolution of internet is a sensation in today's world technology. It is not only the bank of information but also a platform to showcase the talent. Meanwhile, it is also the platform for the criminal activities. Many hackers indulge in breaking the governmental or private codes. That is why internet censorship was introduced.  Initially, activities on internet were moni...

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Clearing the Misconception on Global Warming

Category Type: Global Warming,   Aug 02, 2018   Deepak Rawal

Global warming is a major threat to earth stability in the current situation. Simply, inflation or ascent in earth's temperature is regarded as global warming. Many of us think that it's only greenhouse casing the rise in temperature because greenhouse absorbs most of the radiations on earth while reflects only a few. Consequently, raising the earth's temperature by 33 degrees Celsius....

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दशामा देश प्रेम

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 02, 2018   Ganga Sagar Pant

तिमिसङ्ग सारै नै बोल्न मन् थियो, भर्सक् 'आइ लव् यु' नै भन्ने मन् थियो  तर तिमि  काङ्रेस् थियौ कि कम्यूनिस्ट् ?  नयाँ थियौ कि पुरानो ? यो थियौ कि त्य...

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Man Crushed by Lust: Love or Lust

Category Type: Sex, love,   Aug 01, 2018   Deepak Rawal

Man and women are two differentiated - opposite sex- organism. In a deep sense, man is a donor while women are acceptor. This acceptance results in an offspring, and that's completely natural act. But, there is less lust and much love involved. There are lots of theories regarding the difference between Lust and love. So, this article is about sex, that is not common and completely overla...

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